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Governor Kemp signs HB 86 Educator Evaluation bill

August 2020.  Members of the Educators First Executive Team and Political Action Committee joined Governor Brian Kemp, Representative Tommy Benton, Senator Jeff Mullis, and Senate President Pro Tem Butch Miller for the signing of House Bill 86, which gives educators the right to appeal unsatisfactory evaluations under certain conditions. 

The right to have any type of appeal or review of unsatisfactory evaluations has not been previously offered under Georgia law. It passed the Senate unanimously after the 2020 session resumed from the pandemic outbreak. The legislation will become effective in August of 2021. Governor Kemp congratulates Educators First on their role in bringing forth the legislation and commented on the positive message of Educators First.


The Educators First Political Action
Committee commits to endorsing candidates,
regardless of party, who predominantly
represent the following qualities:

Respect for public education
Support for a strong retirement system for educators
Open mindedness with regard to changing the face of education and its challenges
Recognition of the roles public school educators play in the future of this country and knowledge of potential legislation which may necessary to attract and retain educators in Georgia

DeAnna Harris & Meredith Weaver

Government Relations and Lobbyists

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