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I’ve always had the support of Educators First. When I had questions about anything, they were always available to assist me. Just recently, I experienced a low point in my life being demoted from an Assistant Principal. My Principal was a “bully” with past ethical issues. Educators First had my back throughout my fight. I was able to get my Assistant Principal position back, full backpay, and it sent a strong message to district that I will not lay down without a fight. I really appreciated the first class professionalism I received “whenever” I called for advice. I will never walk into any district building without the backing of Educators First.

R.E., Assistant Principal

Educators First helped me overturn a review that did not follow the proper TKES evaluation protocol. Without Educators First, I would have had to have an unfair remediation plan. Educators First responded quickly and was available to communicate whenever I needed.

M.T., Educator

Hello Colleagues! I want to share with you how Educators First was a tremendous blessing to me. I joined not knowing that it was going to be a resource needed to advocate, guide, counsel, advise, and speak on my behalf at higher levels in the district. I remember allowing my students to walk the hallway using the Educators First “Smiley Fan Face” as a hand signal to walk quietly in the hallways and Stop when another class was walking in the hallway also. (A management tool for hallway positive behavior). Educators First is a professional organization that I highly recommend you become a member of. The ease of reaching an advocate to rally for you is far worth the monthly dues exact replica watches. I am truly blessed for how this organization has helped me this current year school year! I also enjoyed the conversations , comments, and friendship and rapport with Educators First Team members, Finally, the expertise of knowledge, warm love and support shown to me, encouraged me through the experience that I was going through. The Team at Educators First are and were my ministering angels and they can be yours too!! All you have to do in join and use their professional service if the need should ever arise!

Portrait of a young teacher with her learners in the background

Angela, Educator