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We provide the BEST in job protection for both certified
and classified employees working for a K-12 school system.  

Dare to Compare! Educators First is the CLEAR WINNER! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a disciplinary meeting, can you attend?

Yes, our advocates attend meetings with you. (Lawyers are not allowed to attend meetings in Georgia).

I have legal coverage, is that enough?

No! Lawyers cannot attend meetings in Georgia and are unfamiliar with TKES scoring replica and schooling issues.

I am a new teacher and have lots of questions, can I call for advice?

Yes! Our team of educational experts are here to answer your call.

I want to join Educators First, but I am a member of another organization. Can I switch?

Yes, you can! Join now.

You Need Protection NOW More Than Ever

Join Educators First today and let us help you.