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We provide the BEST in job protection for both certified
and classified employees working for a K-12 school system. Legal, Liability, and Advocacy coverage with no additional fees.  

Are you a student teacher, not yet employed? We have great coverage and rates. Student Legal, Liability, and Advocacy coverage with no additional fees.

Dare to Compare! Educators First is the CLEAR WINNER! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a disciplinary meeting, can you attend?

Yes, our advocates attend meetings with you. (Lawyers are not allowed to attend meetings in Georgia).

I have legal coverage, is that enough?

No! Lawyers cannot attend meetings in Georgia and are unfamiliar with TKES scoring replica and schooling issues.

I am a new teacher and have lots of questions, can I call for advice?

Yes! Our team of educational experts are here to answer your call.

I want to join Educators First, but I am a member of another organization. Can I switch?

Yes, you can! Join now.

You Need Protection NOW More Than Ever

Join Educators First today and let us help you.